Rollkuchen a.k.a. Deep-Fried Goodness

So I was at camp this last week.

No, not as a camper…but as camp nurse.

With camping comes unhealthy food (why is it that camping and junk food come hand in hand??) and sometimes its ok to just give in and indulge.

Key word is SOMETIMES!

So pretty much all week I bypassed the cookies, nutella, mac n cheese, candy, ice cream sandwiches, and every single cavity-causing food you can think of.

I had eyed up the week’s menu in advance and tried portion control until Wednesday lunch arrived!

Ohhhh buddy…what an amazing lunch it was!


So I don’t expect you to pronounce that correctly but I do expect you to make them, buy a large watermelon and serve it for a Sunday lunch some time.

Better yet, make this for lunch, invite your friend who pretends she’s Martha Stewart, and she will finally be the one who is jealous of you! Oh, and when she asks you for the recipe, make sure you “accidentally” write down the wrong measurements.

Anyway, this lunch was the kids’ favorite meal that week! There were rollkuchen eating contests! I ate 8 which is probably equal to 2500 calories. Ok, so maybe not but I don’t care because it was sooooooo goooooooood!!!

Here’s the recipe!


  • 2 eggs
  • 3/4 cup milk
  • Add to:
  • 6 tbsp butter, melted
  • 3 cups flour
  • 2 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp baking soda


  1. Beat eggs well
  2. Put eggs into a 1 cup measuring cup and fill with milk
  3. Add to remaining ingredients and mix to combine.
  4. Roll out very thin and cut into strips.
  5. Cut again so that pieces are approximately 1 inch long by 3 inches wide.
  6. Cut a slit in the middle and pull one end through to knot it.
  7. Fry four to six at a time, in deep hot fat until golden brown.
Let cool a little and then enjoy!!! No, this is not diet food!!!

The Skinny Rules

To be honest, I’m a little frustrated with myself these days. I would like to loose some pounds (who wouldn’t, right?) and it just seems impossible!

Why does food taste sooooo good??!!

Why does exercise suck so harsh??!!

While on pinterest the other day, I found “The Skinny Rules” by Bob Harper (he’s the hottie from “The Biggest Loser”).

I’m a rule follower so I thought this whole rule approach would be better for me psychologically!

Well today I put one of the rules to the test.

I had an amazing meal at my in-laws tonight, which included a yummy dessert (I actually made the dessert which I will share tomorrow!!)

After coming home tonight, I walked into the kitchen and said to myself, “I already ruined my diet today by having dessert…might as well have a little more.”

Then, all of a sudden, Bob Harper flew into my home wearing a cape and zapped that pint of ice cream in my hand into a glass of water! I drank the glass of water and immediately lost 2 pounds!

Ok, maybe that didn’t exactly happen. But Bob did swoosh into my mind, which reminded me of the skinny rules.

And then what did I do??

I drank a glass of water.

The result…

Well, I’m laying in bed right now, typing on my laptop, and having to urinate. Kinda annoying but I’m also proud that the glass of water kept me from having dessert #2.

Thanks Bobby!

Because his skinny rules are popping up all over the world wide web, thought I would post them here as well!


The Carmelita

I can’t think of a better way to start a blog than by talking about the carmelita.

Chocolate, pecans, caramel, oats, and hundreds of delicious calories!

No no no, I don’t make them myself. I don’t want to know how! It’s bad enough I know where to find them.

Whole Foods. That’s where they live. Lucky for my thighs, I don’t have a Whole Foods in town.

I have one carmelita left in my home with a big bite out of it. It’s my goal to keep it that way for the next month!

Why a month? Well if I don’t set goals, I will just devour it now.

See you in a month Carmelita! Meanwhile, your home is the freezer!