I love food! That’s not something a slave usually says about its master! But I love food so much that sometimes I hate it! Does that make sense? Ok, so now I’m scared you’re thinking this is one of those blogs where I’m sharing about my struggles with over eating, crying about my nights where I’m sitting in front of the tv with both hands in two separate chip bags (and no, I don’t do that….well not yet anyway). The diet struggles is just a small part of this blog. I also want to share about my achievements in cooking and baking. I call them achievements because I’m not too good in the kitchen. Especially cooking. And why does that big round spice rack look so scary??!! But I do enjoy baking…if I have the time to do it. Not saying I’m good at it! But I do have a pinch of talent in that area. I think it’s more to do with my talent in finding good recipes online. Oh, and did I mention my husband’s gluten sensitivity? You know how much GOOD food has gluten in it?? Pretty much all dessert has flour which puts a damper on my enjoyment for baking! So now here I am, a wife who already sucks a little in the kitchen, has to make gluten free a.k.a. wheat free food. As you can see, in many different ways, I am a slave to food. Please join me in my journey to freedom!!


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