Healthy Restaurant Etiquette Part 1

Say you’ve been eating healthy for the past few days and you’re feeling on top of the world!

You’re starting to feel good about yourself and you believe everyone else in the world should eat just like you because that would solve all the world’s problems.

You’ve followed your pre-planned healthy meal plan to a T and you’re currently checking the computer for tomorrow’s delicious veggie and protein filled menu.

Then you get a text message from your darling friend inviting you for dinner at a restaurant the next day.

Although happy to see your friend, a part of you dies inside and you may let out an audible “NOOOOOO!!”  because you had worked soooo hard to eat healthy that week.

No fret my friend, there are a few things that you can do to make it a stress free and enjoyable meal.

Before I share what you do do (that’s right, I said do do), let me share what not to do.

1. DON’T order the smallest thing on the menu. A side salad does not constitute a meal. If you eat like a bird, you’re friend may give you the bird and never want to dine with you again.

2. DON’T eat a 1/4 of your meal and doggy bag the rest. You’re friend may feel bad that she finished her plate and almost licked it clean and she may never want to dine with you again.

3. DON’T make a zillion substitutions. It’s annoying, and your friend may wish she hired a substitute to dine with you that evening and forevermore because she will never want to dine with you again.

4. DON’T take 2 hours to figure out what you’re going to eat, trying to calculate how many carbs each meal may contain. You can pretty much count on your friend to never want to dine with you again.

5. DON’T comment on the fat content of the food or how many hours you will have to exercise to burn all those calories. This pretty much gives your friend the freedom to exercise the right to never dine with you again.

But on the bright side, if you happen to do the above 5, you will never have to stress about going out to a restaurant with a friend ever again. Catch my drift?

Ok, so next time I’ll share what to do when eating out! So, to be continued….


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