Maui Wowee

Maui Wowwee these are good!

And they’re gluten free? Your kidding me!

I must give credit where credit is do! Here ya go:

I’m not gonna post the recipe. You will have to go to this woman’s blog to find it!

I’d like to tell you 3 great reasons why you have to make these…especially if you have a gluten free guest coming over for dessert!!! And trust me, that GF guest will hug and kiss you after trying these! Ok, maybe not, but my husband sure did when I first made these for him:)

Back to the 3 reasons! Here they are in no particular order!

1. Super easy and quick to make!

2. They are amazingly good! And you can’t tell they are gluten free!!! I promise you!!

3. Because of the #2 reason, you only need to make one dessert to serve all your guests!

4. There’s 4 reasons, not 3. Sorry! But after writing reason #3, I realized that because you only need to make 1 dessert for all your guests, you are saving time! And time is money people!!

This is the second most important gluten free recipe you need to know how to make!

The second?? Yup, no typo there! I will soon share with you numero uno but not today!


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